I want to request testing by your laboratory, what do I have to do for this?

You will need to contact your doctor. Please tell your doctor to visit our website and to download our test kit order form (USA or outside USA), fill and sign it and submit it to our office together with a copy of his/her medical license. After that we will send a test kit to your doctor’s office.

I am a doctor and it is the first time I am going to send you samples. Should I send you my medical license?

Yes, please submit a copy of your medical license to our office by fax or e-mail.

The instruction sheet for Nagalase says to stop immune stimulants prior to testing. However, these are part of the treatment for the patient. Will these immune stimulants affect the result if they are not stopped for testing?

The immune stimulants decrease the Nagalase activity. We advise to draw blood for the Nagalase test just before the immune stimulant medication is given. If this medication is given once a week, as is mostly the case, then this will pose no problem. However, if a one week interval is not possible: at least try to use the same time period each time to have the best follow up.

The instruction sheet for the Methylation Pathway Panel says to stop medication (if possible) prior to testing. What kind of medication should be discontinued and for what time?

It would be better to stop intake of vitamin B6 and B12 for 48 hours before the blood draw since the high intake of these vitamins may affect the results.